Rocklahoma 2019 - Pryor, OK

It is an absolute honor to have been invited back to one of largest rock music festivals the globe has to offer. Peaking shy of 80,000 people in attendance this year... that is just amazing!

Some of you may already know Ratchet Dolls has been invited back to the festival numerous times in the past (6 years to be exact). We could never thank the staff at Rocklahoma enough for that! However, we definitely had the most highlights this time around.

Here are my top 3 in no particular order:

    1. Beasto Blanco, Tech N9ne & Hyro The Hero caught our set
      Having the opportunity to perform in front of thousands of people is an amazing experience in itself, but when you've got huge artists backstage watching your set and telling you how great you were afterwards - that's just hard to mind-blowing! You mean to tell me Alice Cooper's daughter and bandmates (Beasto Blanco) actually like Ratchet Dolls?! What an honor! 😭

    2. Having lunch with Asking Alexandria and Beasto Blanco
      As a festival artist, you get full access to many great perks! One of which is the catering booth which is an absolute GODSEND while on tour.
      After passing out hundreds of flyers and performing we set off to grab a bite and cool off. Little did we know that we would be greeted by both Asking Alexandria and Beasto Blanco! I got a photo with Beasto Blanco right before, but only got to exchange a couple of words with Danny Worsnop (singer for Asking Alexandria). Truly a "rock n roll" moment 🤘

    3. Tornadoes: Evacuating with Korn and their crew 🌪
      Now this is a story that will live on forever in our minds.
      So its the end of the day - Korn has just finished performing and we're ready to call it a night after watching their entire set from backstage. The band was extraordinary - as expected... The weather - not so much...
      As we got in my car and began to drive off, the loudest/scariest sirens set off announcing freakin' TORNADOES on the festival grounds! Everybody (...and I mean EVERYBODY) was running away trying to find safety.

      We refused to try to drive through those tornadoes after being told to evacuate and so instead we got off the car and ran toward the main stage with the rest of the staff. Yes, we left all our equipment, clothes, and food behind... what would you have done?!

      After entering the main stage again, we found ourselves being caught in the most random of situations. We had been evacuated with Korn and all their crew! So you have this rock n roll royalty of a band and these 4 dudes trying to make a name for themselves stuck in the same evacuation site...

      Here's a video we uploaded from that very night... hear the sirens!

I really hope you enjoyed this list as it's truly a blessing for us to be here today to tell you guys the story. Let us know what you guys think below. We're happy to 
answer any questions you guys have.

Thank you, Oklahoma/Rocklahoma!